Thank you Classic supporters, for channeling grievances and catalyzing the blocksize debate to finally climax

In the wake of a majority of the mining power stating their reluctance for a rushed hardfork, please be gracious:

Classic supporters, chiefly Gavin Andresen and Jeff Garzik, did the Bitcoin community a great service by highlighting grievances and jump-starting dialogue between industry, community and developers. Especially, I’d like to thank Jeff’s email that admonished the disconnect of developers and community on the devlist, and Gavin’s courage to argue his own point of view and championing underrepresented interests. Please resist the urge to belittle or ostracize Classic supporters now.

We need different opinions, we need people that will keep us honest and challenge our perspectives.

What have we gained?
Bitcoin Core has a new website with lots of useful material. Communication has improved between all aspects of the Bitcoin project. The community as a whole got to improve their understanding of the project’s state and challenges. We got reassured that Bitcoin cannot be changed easily enough, that it will quickly end up “appropriated into the same functionalities that have historically corrupted everything.”

I hope that this is finally a turning point in the blocksize debate, where we can get back to concentrating on moving forward instead of debating short term approach flavors.

Thank you everyone for your blood, sweat and tears.