Murch ado about nothing


This article originally appeared on my medium page on 2017-12-12. Update:, and have corrected their fee rates since my article. Thank you! We’ve been getting support requests from customers inquiring why their transaction’s fee rate is not matching the parameters they set. The problem is that popular blockchain explorers don’t get the fee rate right. Let’s look at the following transaction with two P2SH-P2WSH multisig inputs and six outputs: c​d​e​e​a​0​d​6​c​3​7​a​0​4​6​d​5​b​7​e​1​3​a​7​5​b​c​0​c​9​8​4​2​4​9​3​f​4​1​d​d​5​a​9​7​d​2​4​8​d​f​4​3​5​5​2​a​d​9​e​1​5​c​8​